08 May

8 habits you need to ditch in order to shed weight effectively

Living healthily may be someone’s dream but when weight loss is in question, the same dream can turn into a nightmare. While comments like ‘Go to gym more!’ or ‘Try a new Diet’ are common when you try to stick to healthy habits, nonetheless, everything may go in the opposite direction if the ideal habits are not done right.

If you feel you are doing every bit right but still aren’t coming across the expected results, the thing is, there must be something wrong! Agreed?
There are some lesser known facts about lifestyle which actually break the bridge between fitness and us.
If you are unaware of them, checkout the list of things below which you should definitely change if you want to lose weight effectively. Best Weight Loss Plans

You Don’t Eat Fruits Daily

Fruits should be a part of our daily diet. Whether consumed during lunch hours or at tea time, fruits are foods for fitness! Did you know most fruits are filled with antioxidant properties which help flush out all sorts of toxins from the body? When those toxins are removed from the system, weight loss becomes easier and swifter.
Simply settle for oranges, blueberries and strawberries for antioxidant properties. Go for apples, watermelons and bananas because of the high energy and fiber content.

You are too Lazy

Laziness causes fatigue and ultimately results in muscle pains and lower back pain. If you are a couch potato all day long or love sleeping-in even on a working day, you are definitely wandering towards the unfit, dark side!
Switch to a healthier lifestyle by not lazing around. Go for walks, join a gym or simply become social.

You Skip Breakfast

Most people prefer skipping breakfast because some don’t feel hungry and others get late for work. Nonetheless, whatever the reason, skipping breakfast is not healthy.
Breakfast is like the energy bar our body needs to run effectively all day long. If breakfast is not taken or is not taken at an appropriate time of the day, there can be serious health based consequences.  Moreover, those who eat regular breakfast tend to shed weight quickly as opposed to those who don’t.

You Compare yourself to Others

Everyone is unique in their own way. Comparing oneself to another is not only silly but it only reveals that you are not satisfied with yourself. Liking someone or looking up to someone is a different aspect but comparing yourself to one person is not advisable.
You are you and she is she! If she is too fat or obese, let her be. If you are slightly thinner than her, it doesn’t mean you are fit! Check your BMI and know your ideal weight and work accordingly.

You Love Sodas and Sugary Drinks

Sodas, processed fruit juices, energy shakes, milk shakes and Coca Cola are not healthy for anyone. Yes, once in a blue moon treat surely calls for some fun but indulging in these kind of processed drinks every now and then is totally unhealthy.
Once you eliminate these drinks from your diet and learn to say no to them, you will surely witness a visible weight loss difference.

You Don’t get the Adequate Sleep

Sleeping is key. While it allows our bodies to rest fully and help grow and replenish, sleep also fixes our food cycle, metabolic rate and everything else. Sleeping for at least 7 hours at nighttime is ideal between 11pm to 7am.
Not sleeping properly can disturb appetite hormones and the person can revert towards unhealthier binging food choices with unhealthy food items.

You Don’t See Beyond Food

Eating is not all. Not eating is not all either! The key to losing weight lies in hundreds of small aspects which are all interlinked.
You need to weigh things beyond just food. The question is, are you exercising? Are you drinking enough water? Do you have a favorite sport? Do you go out with friends and enjoy?
All these questions need to be answered for an effective weight loss journey!

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You don’t Overcome Your Weakness

Everyone has a weakness or two. You need to list down your weaknesses and overcome them in order to lose weight properly. If you know you cannot stay without a sugary snack once a day, try overcoming it by giving yourself a sugary treat only twice a week.
Similarly if you know you hate exercising, simply push yourself to go out for a walk or exercise in any way possible so that you lose weight sooner than you imagine.

You Don’t Eat Properly

If you want to lose weight soon, you need to eat well! By not eating all day and eventually resorting to bad food choices, you are not only hurting your body but are also going in the opposite, undesirable direction. Eat at least 4 times a day and eat healthy home cooked meals.

Change a few things and weight loss will be rewarded to you effortlessly.

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