18 May

The journey towards building stronger muscles

To be honest, I have been very lean and skinny throughout my teenage. A boy with braces and skin covering bones only, no girl would even talk to me because it was too “ugly”. No matter how much I tried to impress the ladies around me, my skinny physiques always disappointed and failed my attempts.

As I entered my adulthood, nothing about my looks improved except for the braces that had now been taken off. Looking at me, people used to think that I used to starve myself and follow strict diets but in reality I loved eating food. From burgers to pizzas, I have always been a foodie in every sense of it. Maybe it was the genes that I had inherited that gave me body like this but soon I realized if I wanted to impress the ladies around me, I had to gain some muscle mass and go from “skinny” to a “macho”.

Believe me; the journey to gain an amazingly fit and muscular body was not easy. From changing my diet to consuming pills, I had tried everything that could have helped me in getting nearer to my goal. And here I am, with a body that women drool over now. For all those men who want to bring a major change in their lives by changing the way they look, here is what I had done to build up muscle mass in a fair amount of time:

  • Changed what I eat

Saying good to my delicious yummy junk food and replacing ti with fruits and vegetables was not an easy decision most definitely. But as soon as I realized that if I wanted to change something in me, it would not be possible unless I give up things that I love. I cut back on my calories and a major part of my meals consisted of proteins. Why? Because muscles are made up of proteins and they need this element to grow and function properly.

I ate five small meals a day to ensure that my body never went into starvation mode and the muscles were able to successfully use the protein up in order to expand and strengthen resulting in me gaining what I wanted. How I survived it? Well experimenting with different recipes made my healthy choices delicious and worth every bite.

  • Hours of sweating and exhaustion

Nothing good can be achieved with some sweating and blood and in my case it was bucket full of sweat. For building six packs and biceps you need the right equipment and trainer to guide you through exercises focusing on different muscles and so hitting the gym was the best option I had. BlackWolf Workout

Hours of strenuous and difficult weight training did exhaust me, made every inch f my body achy but still I knew I had to go on. Lifting weights became easier once I was able to get into the rhythm and gained some strength as well.  but without weight training, getting a muscular body is impossible so no matter how much efforts you have to make, hitting the gym is a must.

  • Marine muscle: Some amazing pills

I was never in favor of using supplements to fulfill any purpose but when I heard about marine Muscle, I was forced to try it and man, was my decision the best one. There are many pills in the market that claim to work but Marine Muscle is actually the only product that fulfills its promise.

A great and safe alternative to steroids, this product is made from natural ingredients to help you in building muscles without much effort. Taking it regularly not only kept me energetic and active throughout the day but also improved my strength, stamina and focus. Even with the strenuous workout routine, I got tired less and felt fresher. The best part is with marine muscle, I was able to build up a muscular body in less time.

  • Keeping hydrated

Water has always been helpful for me. Even when I started my training, with a few liters of water everyday kept me full for longer and the sweating during exercise never really affected me even in the hot summers. Legal Steroids This nature’s drink fills you up so that you feel less hungry and so a great way to cut down on your meal portions. Plus, it also fuels up the muscles so that they can continue to with their functions.

  • Conclusion

No matter how hard or impossible it feels to increase muscle mass, with just the right changes, I was able to becoming a “builder” and change the whole image of being skinny. And Marine Muscle is one product that helped me massively throughout the process and kept me active and fit even now.

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